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Placed call to Ihop this morning for to go order. Informed the store is out of to go boxes. I would like to know how is this possible and is the manager able to contact another Ihop or go to Sam's or Costco and purchase this item. Bottom line is this location is losing money due to not having to go containers. I really like Ihop but doing your best and being the best really does start at the top. Take a lesson from McDonald's regarding how... Read more

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I ate at ihop again this evening..sirloin rather chew on rubber..the store on okd hickory toldthe waitress the sweet tea was sour.she stands at my table argueing about it..and charged me for it.checked out at the reciept no ticket brought to my table..the girl that checked me nasty mouth..when i got my food it was floating in grease..yum....this place is one big joke.. Read more

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  • Sep 13
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I went to IHOP on University Dr Huntsville, AL and ordered eggs, bacon, hash browns and coffee which I never received.The food was thrown together and then thrown I. A bag. The hash browns were just nasty. I will never go back to that IHOP. I think the cook put something in my food because it made me feel bad.

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I had a ham eggs orange juice and red potatoes. for 11.00!!!!! The ham was so tiny it would fill up a 3yr old. If IHOP can't do better than this please go out of business. If your restaurant can't feed your customers and give them enough food please go out of business

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On Friday, August 26, I met my sister on Flatbush and Church Avenue. She was walking home from the train station and she looked very tired. See, my sister is pregnant and she looks like she’s having twins - lol. Anyway, while we were walking on Church Avenue, she needed to use the restroom. I suggested for her to go to IHOP and use their restroom. The location of this IHOP is 2244 Church Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11226 between Flatbush Avenue and... Read more

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  • Sep 08
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Had lunch there last week. The turkey sandwich was all bread and not much turkey and the tomatoe slices were white and not ripened. Never have that nasty sandwich again

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My wife & I got there at 9am. waited to 9:40 to be seated. Nothing but empty tables all around us. After our waitress finally came & took our order it arrived 21 minutes later. Also my easy over eggs were cooked rock solid.What a waste of $19.00. The store is #3507 at 21312 Kuykendahl Rd.Spring,Texas 77389.I have been eating at IHop for 27 years ever since my 3 daughters & son started working at 16 at IHop in Houston,Tx. I have never had service... Read more

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First Ihop is my most favorite breakfast place, I've dined with all my clients on several occasions all over. Today I was given really bad service at 11927 S. Dixie hwy. Miami, Florida. 33156 by Peter the waiter and when I asked to see the manager I was told he was cooking and he refused to see me to address my problem/ complaint. This all took place August 31, 2016 12:15 pm. Read more

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I wirked at the Ihop in Cockeysville, Md. The manager just fired me because I had ask for a manual. They have never givin me one since I had started a year and a half ago. I wanted to check on some things. Like we work holidays and don't get paid time and a half. They rip us off on over time. They will either short ur hours on ur check and then play dumb about it. So they can put it on a different check. Plus they don't pay time and a half for... Read more

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I was Ihop a couple of times and that owner is the worst kind of person I have ever seen. The way he talked to his staff. Yelling at them in the middle of a full dinning room and telling them to shut up so loud. I felt so sorry for this poor waitress that we seen him harass. That poor girl broke down and cried twice while we were there. And the awful things he said about his own customers. Because they wsnted their food a little different. And... Read more

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