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IHOP 36-059

Although the food was not bad I needed to visit the restroom first. When I opened the men's restroom door the stench hit me so hard I needed to hold my breath intermittently just to get thrown it.

I couldn't believe how nasty it was. There were stains all over the toilet seat and it was quite obvious that whoever is responsible for maintaining the restrooms need to be trained or terminated. When I washed my hands the paper towel dispenser was broken and there was no soap. Are you kidding me?

I had to use the toilet seat covers to dry my hands. I've visited IHOPS in at least 10 states and none were filthy like this one. The servers were fine but the restroom experience was something that I will not forget.

It was also obvious that this location is not managed by the corporate office. This location gave IHOP a black eye!

User's recommendation: You may want to eat somewhere else.

Location: Sanford, Florida

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So a fellow customer had just dropped a huge load....go away dude, you are ridiculous.

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