First, for a company such as yours naming your complaint department The PissedConsumer is just another clarification to show that customer service in today's society has amoral standard's with no professionalism whatsoever. Your P.R.

Manager should be fired and the person who signed off on this title as well. Secondly, no one from your company reached out to me (another sign that today's customer service is nonexistent to the consumer). I'm not supposed to help anyone, you're supposed to help me ignoramus. Oh I forget, young people in today's workforce are so controlled by electronics and have been brainwashed into believing that they are God's that they don't possess the tiniest bit of compassion or strive to have excellent work ethics.

Help companies to improve their service, will I get paid for my input?

How about you hire a qualified, intellectual with interpersonal skills to handle consumer's who received *** service from your employees. PissedConsumer?????

Location: Hyattsville, Maryland

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