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April 14, 2012,

I'm a Hispanic man, this morning me and my girlfriend (african American), went to IHOP N 3262 located at 8500 Annapolis Rd, Unit H, New Carlton MD 20784.

We ordered our food, which by the way it was good and the service was also good but, there was this gentleman,(African American) which I supposed he is the manager because he was going around asking customers if everything was ok. He stopped at our table and asked my girlfriend if everything was fine, he never looked at or spoke to me, a few minutes later he stopped at our table again and asked my girlfriend if everything was fine and again he never spoke to or looked at me.

We both had leftovers so we asked the waiter for two boxes, in the meantime "the manager" stopped again by our table and asked my girlfriend if she needed a carry out box so I told him what he has done twice by ignoring me. He said that wasn't his intention but I was looking at my food so he didn't want to interrupt me.

He went away and came back with her carry out box... so I asked him why he didn't bring to boxes since we both had leftovers. It was then he went and brought me a carry out box.

I feel that was a discrimination against me.

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Guy number 3,

1 You have a good point, my girfriend is very attractive; that doesn't give him the right to ignore me.

2 I never called him.


Simply, he could have found your girlfriend attractive seems likely.

Probably though, what he said was true, and he didn't want to disturb you while you ate.

It was probably him showing annoyance at you trying to call him out over table checkups.

Cry discrimination elsewhere because it wasn't what he was doing.

***special message to the original poster:write down the capital letters above :)

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