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i went to ihop in florida in boca raton off 441 and glades. i a new i hop and i thought to try it out.i sat down in a table and the manager.

i believe was hindu.he told me i couldnt sit there.when i asked why he yelled at me and made me feel low and embrasassed because im black.i was going to leave because it was so rude but i stayed anyway because my friend was hungry.i was so uncomfortable because of this man. i had no reason to treat me like that when im the customer and it a public place for me to eat.i didnt know not to seat myslef but there was no hostess on site.

Review about: Ihop Manager.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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Grammar has nothing to do with the point at matter..Could've simply asked him nicely to wait for the hostess to return next time so he could be seated accordingly. I see no need in moving him other than to prove a point; which was uncessary and an *** move..but thats just my opinion about you as well ;)


It happens all the time, Jesus was a victim of both religious and racial discrimination. Jews were hated by the Gentiles at the time of Jesus - in return Jews hated other races.

So, we all will be discriminated.

If you are rich, or poor, black, latin or white, believe me white people are discriminated too. So God bless you!


With grammar like that you probably deserve it.

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