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I entered your restaurant to let them know we were setting in the outside dining area. A server hollered from the opposite side of the store that i could not be "inside the building" without a mask.

I told her i would not put on a mask &;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; that we were going to the outside dining area. She then said from across the store again that she would not serve us. We went outside where people were NOT masked up. She came out and again hollered at me from across the entire length of the serving tent, over the heads of the customers, that she refused to serve us.

She hollered it twice. We were standing near a table with 2 unmasked ladies waiting to have their order taken. Another server was getting ready to take their order. I asked why we had to mask up and they did not have to.

That server simply said "a different server." I said "You mean it depends on who is serving you." She said yes. So patrons are NOT treated equally. That's discriminating.

And do you approve of an employee hollering at a non-threatening customer from across the length of your store, over the heads of customers!?

We left and went to a totally different restaurant ( not an IHops) and had a lovely breakfast.

I have enjoyed your restaurants for over 30 years. I will never step inside one again!

Preferred solution: No solution. I'll not go to an IHop again!.

IHOP Cons: Anything about the visit totally disappointing, Convoluted management.

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That server sounds extremely ignorant.


So is the OP. I don't think this child knows the meaning of discrimination

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