I went to IHOP in Jenkintown 481 Old York Rd Friday morning 7:30 AM. We were seated after waiting at least 5 minutes, which seemed long since there were no more than 2 parties seated at that time.

After being seated several minutes, the waitress asked what we wanted to drink. I always get cranberry juice but was told they were out. I then asked for orange juice &; was told they had none of that either! Frustrated I settled on apple, the only juice left.

After the waitress brought our food, I asked for pepper which I use on all meals for dietary reasons as well as flavor. Shockingly, the waitress said they had no pepper! I was annoyed because had I known they were out of so many things I like from the beginning, Id have gone elsewhere. I kept my annoyance hidden because I noticed the waitress seemed to be the only one there at that time, and I realize being a waitress can be tough.

I tried to make the most out of a bad situation but then my friend saw a rat run across the floor. At that point I wanted to leave but my friend wished to stay because we had already ordered and she was hungry, and by now we didnt have time to go elsewhere. My friend told the waitress about the rat, and we were told that the manager would come to speak with us.

I was uncomfortable and upset the rest of the time there, and the manager never once came to speak with us about ANYTHING. I wont be returning to that location because although the waitress was friendly, the entire experience and lack of concern from the manager made me feel things wont improve there.

Location: Germantown, Maryland

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