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I placed an online curbside pickup order. I arrived about 20minutes late just to give them ample time to have my order ready.

I called when I arrived and I was told that my order was not ready but it would be ready in 10 minutes. I waited 25 minutes and then called them again and they said that it would be out shortly. I have two babies in the backseat crying because theyre hungry and want to move around.

It takes them 15 more minutes to bring out my order and of course my food was cold and didnt have any of the toppings to go along with it. Once again I called in for my missing toppings and it took them 10 more minutes to bring that out to me

User's recommendation: Don’t go there if you’re hungry.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

IHOP Cons: Do not produce their products in a timely manner.

Location: 5525a Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD 21228

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You left your babies in the car? I have contacted the police.

They are doing an investigation with the restaurant. If they see that you left your children in the car for 25 minutes or even for a few minutes they said that most likely you will be charged and your children may be placed in foster care. This may be a good thing for you, since you cannot afford to feed those kids hence the reason you are asking for a full refund for food you ate.

You know you could have returned the food, but since you ate it why are you entitled to a refund. Do not have kids if you cannot afford to feed them.


I am glad people are taking action. With several people reporting her to the police they should be able to track her and investigate.

There is no excuse for leaving your child in the car. it is even illegal to run to get the mail while leaving your child in the car.


Also since she left her location, it won't be that hard for them to track her.




So you left the babies in the back seat. This is illegal and you can be charged with child neglect.

I have reported you to the police. They said they will check the cameras to investigate and since you this letter indicate what day you went they should not have a hard time tracking you after running your license plate number. Also you ate the food without an incident, so you should have to pay for it. if you cannot afford to have kids then do not spread your legs.

But do you may not have to worry about feeding your children. According to the officer I talked to about your leaving your kids in the car they may be placed in a foster home if they think you abandoned them.


I have contacted them as well. Too many babies dying in hot seats.


Omg you had to wait. How will you ever be able to go on with your life. What an idiot


Not only that but she left her babies in the car while she went to the restaurant. This is illegal.

That is considered child abandonment. I have reported this to the police since she has admitted to leaving her kids in the car. According to them they can check the cameras and find her license plate number and see who she is. They can even track her IP address.

They have informed me that if they feel this is neglect they will get child protective services involved and maybe place the kids in a foster home.

The mother possibly will face child neglect charges. They will be reviewing this, and take any measures necessary.

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