My wife and I arrived at Ihop around 10:00. We waited to be seated around 15 minutes and only when I asked a server could we sit where ever we wanted..

after a lengthy wait I asked if I could get my drink. Around 15 minutes later I received my and my wife's drinks. 19 minutes later one if the managers started asking for food that was ordered an hour before and the manager started to swear and fuss, the cook was holding his thoughts to himself then started to use cuss words to relate to the manager. Then there was a several minute pause till she finally walked away.

We were told that our order was coming shortly. Then a man asked for the manager starting that he had been there for over an hour and that he or his family hadn't been served there drink or even gave there order. I told my wife that I was going. She said let's wait.

Then the manager and cook started to cus at each other again . By this Tim we had been waiting for an hour and a forty five minutes. At that time my wife approached the manager and sait that they just needed to cancel our order , we were assured that it was up but we left any way. Service was not shown , speed not there just the facts...

It was a joke. We will not be going back to this establishment ever, Conyers Ga. Ihop was the worst experience of my life dinning out. If you go,, God be with you.

And good luck.

That is an hour and 45 minutes I will never get back . Don't think your going to eat and have a good meal.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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