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On Oct 7th at 7:31am Wed morning I ordered breakfast togo so I could surprise my fiance with a nice breakfast in bed. I went and picked up our food as it was being bagged up in front of me and drove not even a quarter mile down the road to where we were staying.

I unpack everything and set it up in front of my fiance and come to find out the food was already very cold, they had forgotten our strawberries and whipped cream for the pancakes and my eggs were wrong. My fiance called up to the ihop to tell them what was wrong and the manager apologized and told her to bring the receipt next time and they would remake our food for us. Well I go up to that ihop on Friday the 9th to have our order fixed as per the manager explanation to my fiance and I'm greeted by the GM Arturo who was rude, disrespectful and even lied to my face which I can not stand!!! He says he must go look at the notes for the shift and asks for my finances name then walks to the back.

Next he comes up to me and says there was no notes about the mistakes made on our food and he was the manager that worked Wed morning. Well if he was the manager then he would know first off that we did call up there and second he wouldn't have to go look at the manager notes for that morning. He obviously lied and just didn't want to fix the issues that occurred. I did everything I was told to do and he just was nothing but rude and could care less.

He refused to remake our order and said it wasn't his problem which absolutely blew me away. This ihop location is at 3860 ne loop 820 fort worth, TX 76137.

All we wanted is what we paid for and for the food to be hot and instead were completely uncared for by the actual GM Arturo. Sincerely, an angry customer

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

IHOP Pros: Foid is usually great.

IHOP Cons: This visit was horrible with food and management.

Location: 3860 Northeast Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76137

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