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Me and my sister went to have our weekly breakfast pace ihop. hostess seated us got our coffee 25 minutes passed I got no coffee refill so the hostess seated another customer beside me and I asked her if she can get me a coffee refill she was sweet and said absolutely and then my server name Lydia came to the table and said dont ever ask the hostess to get your coffee you wait on me.

I replied if you was doing your job I wouldnt have asked the nice hostess Ive sit here 25 minutes you yet came to my table I havent seen you since we placed my order so I will ask who ever to get my coffee if you do t like it you can kiss my butt. I think you was rude talking to me this way she said it was rude for you to tell me to kiss your *** I said hun I didnt swear she said *** butt its the same she kept swearing over and over again. Lydia the waitress just kept standing looking at me And saying mean and rude words I asked her Weill you please leave so I can enjoy our meal. So the customer next to me said they are leaving because of waitress so I called for the manager and told him what happened and a another customer at another table heard everything and told the mgr also.

The mgr said he would take care of it.

But not even 10 minutes later I seen the mgr and waitress Lydia laughing about it so the mgr. came over and he said he was gonna discount our meal but never received never will be back.

IHOP Cons: Rude waitress lydia.

Location: 5129 Highway 90, Milton, FL 32571

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I’ve never ever been treated so poorly


You got rude to her first so you had it coming to you. Maybe until you are older and more mature you should not be going out without a parent to keep a check on your behavior.

The manager did not take care of it. He should have asked you to leave. When you behave like a fool people will laugh at you. Next time do not keep your manners at home.

Or better yet bring a parent along with you. You would not behave this way if you were being supervised by an adult.

Why should you get a discount for abusing his employee? With the way you behave you won't be missed.

@Zakhia Pty

Funny to me customers to the right and left of me agreed with me and told mgr the same as I did about Lydia the waitress


Stop lying kid.

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