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We went into the IHOP restaurant on Gessner @ 59 in Houston,Tx approximately between 7-715pm tonight. My family and I entered the restaurant that only had a total of 4 adults and 2 children in an otherwise empty restaurant.

We stood there at the front desk for a few minutes before the male employee decided to acknowledge us by saying, "I'll be with you in a minute". He then proceeded to lean over the counter in the kitchen talking to the cook. After that he still did not come to seat us. He proceeded over to a desk area near the kitchen and began to read and look through some papers.

I went to the restroom along with one of my family members hoping he would have seated the rest of them by the time we came out. When we came out our family membes were still waiting by the front desk waiting to be seated meanwhile a gentleman entered the restaurant waited to be seated and wasn't even acknowledged even after we walked out. The employee made no attempt to seat us. We decided to no longer be ignored so we left your facility hurt and angry.

When my family and I decided to eat out IHOP was our first choice. Too bad IHOP didn't feel we mattered. My family has eaten at various IHOPs over the years and have never encountered a problem until now.

I always tell people that Denny's can learn something from IHOP but a least I've never been blown off at a Denny's. From now on we'll be eating at the Denny's down the street.

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I'm not really a loyal customer, we can't afford $1 pancakes so we don't eat there. We just wanted to be sat down so we could order $20 worth of food to split between 6 people and nothing but waters to drink with lots of free ranch sauce to eat.

Apparently I was WRONG and the Ihop had not really opened yet, which explains why it was empty other than the manager who was trying to shuffle through the days paperwork and assign duties to other co-workers for the day and get the restaurant opened. Anyway; I don't really care because they should have sat us anyway because we are special. When I got home I hit my wife repeatedly from all the frustration. Now she has bruises all over her face and I won't let her go anywhere.

I think I'll just keep her in the basement until this whole

"ihop" business cools down. Then me and my homies can go over to Dennys for a $7 chicken appetizer to split between 6 of us and just eat lots of free ranch sauce, then complain when they want to charge us for the 10th container.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #436564

You were lucky I was not at the restaurant where your friend abused her children. I would have contacted the police on you.

It is one thing to spank a child, but to punch a child in the face and stomach because you are angry at something else is wrong. She does not deserve the title human being let alone mother.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #436174

I don't mean hurt emotionally you dummy. I meant hurt physically.

The two children who were with us were the ones who were physically hurt. They were crying and complaining because they we were not going to eat at Ihop. Their mother was already angry at the service.

Her children's complaining made her so upset that she punched her older daughter ten year old in the face and her younger daughter 3 in the stomach. Which they deserved because we were already upset and they just made the situation worse.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #436169

If you are going to boycott this restaurant based on bad experience and give them a low rating after many good times there than you are not as loyal as you say. Also how did it cause your family to be hurt because of this. I can understand angry but if your family were hurt because of this you have low self esteem.

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