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My name Is Mrs. Gaunichaux.

On March 4, 2014, the Day Of international pancake Day. My three sisters and I went to have breakfast. We was given poor customer Service. Waitress wrote the wrong order and she was very rude.

Manager kept coming to our table harrassing us. So we started singing happy birthday to a customer with the rest Of the customers. Manager came to our table and told us Get out. Upon leaving i ask for corporate Number.

The manager ask me to wait. Another Man name Sam came From the back. I told him politelty that i ask for corporate Number. He then put his hands On me by shoving me to the door, saying just go and that he don' t have corporate Number.

I am disable. I take Dialysis and just hadsurgery On the arm he shoved. I contacted the White Settlement Police . He admit to the Police that he put his hands On me, Police told him that he shouldn't have never put his hands On me.

Officer B.

Ross came out and gave me an item#146699. We was harrassed, we felt violated due to our race, i was assaulted and poor customer Service was given.

Review about: Ihop Manager.

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First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #795415

I agree with everyone else something from this story is missing.

to First Born Triplet #795418

2 things missing: Any sense in the story and a brain for Op

Columbus, Ohio, United States #793338

What specifically did anyone say to you regarding your race that made you feel violated?


So sick of people playing the race card. Makes me absolutely SICK!

People who are minding their own business and behaving like adults are not kicked out of restaurants!

Major holes in this story! If you cannot behave in public, stay home or get a responsible adult to accompany you on outings.


You mean to tell me in Texas they have different police for different races? How was the waitress rude?

People always say employees were rude to them but never say how they were rude. More than likely if the the waitress was rude, it was because you had developed an bad attitude. I see more customers being rude to employees and then complain about being treated rudely. How was the manager harassing you?

There again you state something but don't offer how. Why would you want to join in singing "Happy Birthday" just because the other customers were doing so? Furthermore, if you are smart enough to use a computer to come to this web site to do your complaining, you should have been able to go online and find the corporate number for IHOP. What does the fact that you are allegedly disabled have to do with your poor attitude?

I know several people that are on dialysis and don't consider themselves disabled. Some of the even depend on using power chairs or scooters and they still don't consider themselves disabled. The same applies to your shoulder/arm surgery. Instead of putting all the blame on the waitress for writing the wrong order, could part of the blame be your accent?

See you had been told to leave, but you were being disorderly by insisting on sticking around asking for the corporate number. Rudeness does work two ways.

I agree the man named Sam shouldn't have shoved you, but then on the other hand when told to leave, that is what you should have done. Instead of using good manners, you insisted on being stubborn in order to assert your racial rights.


Stop acting like animals!

Orange, California, United States #793316

Okay it is obvious you are leaving parts of the story out, I seriously doubt the manager just harassed you and asked you to leave because you were behaving yourself and singing "Happy Birthday" to another customer. You think you can just do what you want, the rules don't apply to you and if you are called out on your bad behavior you can play the race card. Go back to your country if you are going to act like this.

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