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Brought ten teens to ihop after our senior dance, after 47 minutes they finally got drinks and ordered. True it was midnight, but ihop was so poorly staffed that they couldn't function. I was sitting alone at a table near the kids and no one even approached me for a menu or drink order. People around me were being served. But I was completely ignored.

I got fed up and walked out. The kids decided to wait it out since they finally had ordered.

No excuse for being that slow.

I will not be back and will tell everyone how bad it was.

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on my prom we went to ihop as well.were they slow?

duh it was 15 people in our party!

the waitress explained that at nights they have to help make the food too so sometimes they cant get to everybody, not their fault!bet you did't tip, cant believe kids can be more mature than you!

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