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Today my friend and I were trying to kill some time while waiting for our vet. We decided to eat brunch at IHOP because we dont always have the opportunity to eat their since the closest one to us is about 45 minutes away. There was a wait when we got there. Thats fine. Later, a random waitress comes out to the lobby and exactly like this said who was next. Keep in mind there were 4 or 5 other groups of people waiting and names had been taken down by the host (which I later found out was the manager).

We knew we were next and I actually pointed out to her the list on their podium. So she greeted us as such come this way dog mom (my friend had a shirt on with that saying on it). We followed her and then she said Ill get you menus we stated we knew what we wanted and didnt need them. She then asked do you need silverware We continued to look strangely at her and just said yes. As she asked for our orders I gave her mine and as I was trying to tell her my order she LITERALLY bent over to my friend and was whispering in her ear about either another table being mean and rude or another server she was working with being mean and rude. We werent exactly sure. She seriously asked me the same question 4 times as I was ordering because she was complaining about her job and how shed rather work at Perkins but they only had night shifts available and she has an autistic son at hone blah blah.... I AGAIN repeated did you get the tomatoes on my omelette? She said yes and continues stating how much she makes an hour and that she was sick of this *** here meaning ihop and everyone she works with. I asked her if they had white cheddar cheese and she said she had no idea. I told her if they did Ill have it on my hash browns but if not just plain hash browns would be fine. I also ordered fruit. She brought a random soup bowl of fruit that looked half smashed and old and literally threw it on the table and said I couldnt find fruit but I hooked you up with this. When she brought our food she completely didnt even have my friends order and we waited for that. I asked her for salt 3 times. My omelette was dark brown and had no tomatoes on it. Also, I had asked her for American cheese on my omelette and, to me, it looked like hollandaise sauce so I mentioned about the yomatoes and also asked if it was cheese or HollandAise. She said did you ask for cheese I said yes so she said yes. Its cheeseshe had brought the French toast to my friend and never brought syrup. We had to ask got it 3 times.

Finally after we watched her go put my friends order in after she forgot she brought it out and the manager came over. I told him about the tomatoes and my brown overcooked omelette and hollandaise and how she forgot my friends order all together. He insisted he make me a new omelette personally. So, again, we waited. The waitress was so *** and wouldnt leave us alone. She almost acted tweeted out on drugs or something and just kept complaining about the Restaraunt and how they always mess up and how she is sick of it. Using the F word and God Damn and many many other things. Finally we had enough and just asked her for the check so we could leave. I h e never felt so uncomfortable in a restaurant as I did this morning. The manager saw me walk up to the podium and came up with my omelette. I told him to just box it and had walked up there so I could talk to him alone about her and our experience. She continued to follow me and o just kept telling her thank you thinking shed walk away since Mark, the manager, was taking care of me at that point. She continued to butt in and was in our faces like we had known her for years. This was the first time we have ever been to this ihop and will definitely be the last. This girl has totally ruined our opinion on the place for Boardmans location. She was so vulgar and negative I couldnt even be comfortable and have a conversation With my friend and just relax and enjoy each others company. Finally the manager rang us up and said he was taking off my omelette and my friends meals. It came to $17 and change. I pod it so we could just get out of there. Looking back, though, what was $17 and change? That wouldve meant we paid for just a small thing of old fruit, hash browns with cheese, a diet pop and a small orange juice. Thats a lot for that.

My friend and I are both servers and bartenders in the same type of industry and we 100% understand mistakes happen and people forget things but this was, by far, the worst restaurant experience weve EVER had. I truly feel like the waitress, Tif, was high or strung out on some sort of drug. It was BAD!

User's recommendation: Don’t go to Boardman and request NOT to have Tif wait on you.

Location: 833 Boardman Poland Road, Youngstown, OH 44512

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You sound like a busy body who should eat home more.

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