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October 7, @ 12AM, we ordered a burger, fries, pancakes, and quesadilla to go. Waiter seated two tables while I waited to order, then we waited for over 50 minutes to receive our order.

We live half a mile away and when we got home fries were cold, burger and pancakes were tough from them microwaving them. Quesadilla cheese wasn't even melted and meat tasted strange. Went back and waited for over 40 more minutes to get refunded. The entire time they had our credit card in hand.

The cops showed up to ask if everything was okay (do not know if ihop called them) and we were told they couldn't refund us and said come back tomorrow for manager Mickey Basinger with his number to call. The number was fake, and Mickey was off today when I came in. Waited another 45 minutes for area manager's number, Scott because shift manager said he could not help me at all. Scott said he would have to review footage of my visit because he wanted to see how much of it happened.

Three hours later he called saying he agreed that my story panned out. But he still would not refund my purchase. We did not eat the food after taking a *** before discovering it was rubbery, and he says no refund for our measly 25 dollar tab. Company policy, he says.

He offers me new food, but we only go there sporadically and not usually to the same store. Also at this point I would rather throw a pancake than eat one ever again. He said no refund, again. Finally, my boyfriend called to say he would simply call his credit card company and have them take it back, and miraculously this man was saying "Let me ask my boss and see if we can get it refunded." Hard to believe that he stonewalled me, a young woman, for almost an entire business day but my boyfriend calls and all of a sudden it is no problem?...

Needless to say, we will never be returning there again, I am spreading the word about my experience, and hopefully it never happens to anyone else ever again. I've never been treated like less than a human being before, and I don't feel like letting a guy who sells coffee and pancakes debase me now.

Review about: Ihop Pancake.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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The ***? Then what are you complaining about?

You went to a dead restaraunt on at midnight on sunday knowing it would take a while to make your food, you didn't eat it right away so of crouse it'll get cold, then you expected a refund? And I don't need to know you to know that you're a *** ***.

I bet you go to fast food places and special order everything like some elitest hipster ***. Just stay home.


First of all, I do not agree with the use of foul language when speaking to someone you do not know. Secondly, Caps Lock is not going to make anyone read these sentiments any louder.

We were extremely polite when requesting the items and then again with the refund. I have worked in food through high school and college and understand it takes longer to prepare food when it is either a peak time or an odd hour. I accounted for this in my waiting time. I know that common sense cleaning is required, and cleaning as you go does not decrease the efficiency of operation.

Last time I checked, if a business is open 24 hours, you can order what you wish when you wish. That, BrotherWitch, is common sense.


You went to a restaraunt at midnight on a Sunday. You orderd both breakfast and dinner items. You wonder why the food took so long, and why they weren't willing refund your $. #1, NEVER GO TO A RESTARAUNT WHEN THEY ARE CLOSING/HAVE NO BUSINESS. Everything has been cleaned and put away, grills and fryers are turned off, and everyone is waiting to go home.

#2, DON'T ORDER BREAKFAST AND LUNCH ITEMS AND EXPECT THEM ANYTIME SOON. Besides having everything cleaned and put away, lunch/dinner items CANNOT be cooked on the same surface as a breakfast item until, the surface has been sanitized. FDA rules.

#3 Don't be rude to people who make your food.

I don't even work in the food industry anymore. People like you still *** me off. Also, to save someone else the trouble, don't order more than $10 in drive thru's. Most places have to get your order out in less than 90 seconds. And you *** off the people behind you. Get off your fat lazy *** and go inside for large orders, or if you don't know what you want, and stop wasting everyone elses time. Jerks.

Thanks for reading, hope these tips help.

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