I ordered Through your Ihop app and when I receive my order it was completely wrong and was missing my pancakes. I called the restaurant and they said to call doordash which was the company that sent my food supposedly.

I called doordash and let them know the issue so they could fix it and they did not fix that they called the restaurant on their end as well and cannot be done then they told then doordash told me that just to call the location and let the know that I wanted a refund and I tried calling them but they never answered. I then decided to go to the restaurant and let them know that my order was incorrect and incomplete. I was just here for my refund or to get my food remade. It took her a couple of minutes to even notice me and ask why I was there.

When they did notice me I asked the manager if I can get my refund and I brought the food and put it in front of her that this was the wrong order because I have allergies and I ask for the omelet to be done with egg whites have no cheese and other stuff that I was on there but it was completely ignored. And then I told her my pancakes I missing and they said that they couldn't do give me the refund or remake the order. I left the food there because I couldn't eat it. I call doordash again and they tried to help me and I was on hold for a long time and they still weren't able to help me and told me to contact corporate.

I tried calling the corporate number but it is closed right now and I need to get my money back from this order because it was incorrect. I had to go to McDonald's and get my son pancakes because he hadn't eaten in a long time and he was started to feel sick not eating because I hoped Ihop would give me a refund or even better make my food the way I wanted it as I had ordered on the IHOP app in the first place. This is the worst experience for my son and I. I will never go to that IHOP on 103 College Ave.

in College Station Texas. I have had food from the other locations and never had a delivery issue because I used uber eats and they got my order right.

The manager at this restaurant was being rude which I understand because she was busy but there was no need for the racist remarks. All I want is my money back and never go to that Ihop ever again!

Location: Houston, Texas

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